Domino’s Pizza’s Effective Use of Social Media to Fight Bad Publicity

In April 2009, two Domino Pizza employees videotaped themselves doing some stomach-churning things to food they were preparing, and then compounded their stupidity by posting it on YouTube.

Despite Domino’s identified the store within 24 hours, sterilized everything, and fired the employees, that didn’t stop the video from getting immense exposure on YouTube, Twitter, and ultimately the broadcast and print news media.

Domino’s had to fight fire with fire and used social media to help them do this. First, they had sites remove the offensive video. Secondly, they produced a video of President Patrick Doyle reassuring customers that Dominos was taking the matter seriously. And third, they rolled out their own Twitter account.

By the end of the week, Domino’s had effectively changed the conversation from the disgusting acts of these two individuals, to how well Domino’s had responded to it.

The demonstrates one of the ways social media can be effective in managing one’s brand and reputation online.

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