Case Study – Proscenium Pools

Rebranding Case Study

Description Pool Service Company
  • Competitive marketplace
  • Flawed business name
  • Locked in to low-cost website provider
  • Did not own web domain
  • Recommend expanding service offerings beyond just pool service
  • Rename and rebrand company
  • Refocus company on value and not competing on price
  • Create new website and marketing materials
  • 6 months after implementing marketing recommendations, the company experienced a dramatic increase in sales and hires additional staff
  • Company beats last years revenue.
Client Comment “I am very pleased with the overall work, service and pricing InSight Marketing provided AND the unexpected advice and guidance they gave me in taking my business in a totally new direction.”

Faced with the issues above, the company was open to rethinking its business model. Focusing on the positive, management realized these issues presented an opportunity to reinvent itself – they seized the chance to rename and rebrand the company.

About The Client

Proscenium Pools, LLC is a full-service, swimming pool and home maintenance company based in Sherman, CT. The company provides a variety of pool care services as well as home and property handyman services.

InSight Marketing was retained to rebrand the company and develop digital marketing campaign for Proscenium Pools.

Client Marketing Issues

  1. The pool service business in Proscenium Pools’ market area is very competitive. Consumers have a difficult time differentiating between companies, thus price becomes the key factor in the purchase decision.
  2. Proscenium Pools had previously operated under the business name of Slippin Pools, LLC. InSight Marketing identified that the company name’s could be understood as “slip and fall” not a positive connotation for a pool owner.
  3. The company had been enticed by an offer from the Yellow Pages (remember them) to build them a new website at no cost! The Yellow Pages was transitioning from its printed phone directories to providing online marketing services to its print customers. However, the client soon realized that the old adage: “you get what you pay for” was true. While there was no upfront cost for the website development, the Yellow Pages charge a much higher fee for basic web hosting and provide very little in terms of effective online marketing. In addition, these websites have very limited flexibility as to what a company can do to promote itself online, such as search engine optimization.

Recommended Solutions

InSight Marketing conducted a comprehensive audit and assessment of Proscenium Pools’ business and marketing and recommended the following strategic and tactical recommendations:

  1. Expanding its Service Offerings – InSight Marketing suggested that Proscenium Pools expand its services offerings beyond just pool service and include home handyman services. Many of Proscenium Pools’ clients are weekenders who lived in New York City and spent weekends and vacations in their Connecticut homes. InSight Marketing’s research revealed that this demographic would be attracted to a pool service company that could also provide home maintenance and monitoring services.
  2. Don’t Compete on Price – With the company’s expanded service offerings, there was less pressure for Proscenium to compete on price. The company was now providing value-added services that competing pool service companies could not or would not match.
  3. Change the Company Name – The previous company name: Slippin Pools could be misconstrued in a negative “slip and fall” connotation. InSight Marketing implemented a renaming campaign as part of an overall rebranding of the company. The final choice of Proscenium Pools was the result of selecting a unique business name that would be well received within the company’s target audience. The word proscenium is a theatre term for a part of the stage that extends into the audience seating. Since many of the company’s customers work in the New York City’s theater district, this business name was well received by the company’s core customer base.
  4. Upgrade Company’s Image Marketing – To reflect the company new name and value proposition, the company’s marketing needed to reflect the upgraded image to existing and prospective customers. InSight Marketing developed a new logo, brand image and website that was modern, aesthetically pleasing and consistent with the new value proposition of the company.


  • Six month after launch of the new company name, brand image and marketing tools, the number of inbound leads has tripled and revenue had already beat last year’s sales.
  • The handyman services now offers already accounts for 10% of the company’s business with continued growth expected in the future.
  • The company branding and marketing has been well received by existing and new customers and has been a key factor in signing up new clients for the company.


I wanted to take my pool service company to the next level and knew that effective marketing was one of the keys to reach my objective.

I selected InSight Marketing because of their prior experience in my industry. They did a marketing audit and assessment of my business and came back with two unexpected recommendations – one, to change the name of my company (never an easy decision) and two, to expand beyond just pool servicing and to also offer home handyman repairs as well.

Their rationale for these recommendations was very compelling, and I agreed to proceed with both. Rocco and his team first came up with a number of possible name recommendations. After much deliberation, I choose Proscenium, a theatre term that resonates with my sophisticated clientele.

InSight Marketing then created a very professional looking logo, website and advertisement for the new business.

I am very pleased with the overall work, service and pricing InSight Marketing provided AND the unexpected advice and guidance they gave me in taking my business in a totally new direction.

— Eric Olsen, President, Proscenium Pools, LLC

Logo Redesign

In addition to renaming the company, InSight Marketing created a new logo for Proscenium Pools.
The goal was to create a simple design that would integrate well with the company’s new website and other marketing materials.


Original Logo Design


Redesigned Logo

Slippin Pools Logo

The old logo looked amateurish, clunky and dated

Proscenium Logo

The redesigned logo has a clean, contemporary and sophisticated look
that works well with the redesigned website.

Marketing with a Local Touch

Serving the Greater New York Metro Area Including the Counties of Westchester, Rockland, Putnam and the Bronx; along with Fairfield County, CT.