Why Companies Miss the Mark with Logos

The use of symbols in logos is not as important as many people think it is. Most businesses think they absolutely NEED to have a symbol in their logo. They just HAVE to have some symbol. What they don’t realize is that the symbol is actually a small part of a logo (until your company gets to be a certain size). What’s more important is selecting the right company name.

Once you’ve selected the best possible name for your company, it’s perfectly fine to add a bit of stylized text to give the logo a bit of extra “something” and use that as your logo.

However, there’s no denying that when you put a symbol on a product, it helps to set that product aside in the mind of the consumer.  So for example, if I were to draw a rounded check mark, you would automatically think, this:

Nike Logo

And, I were to draw a circle and put something similar to a “peace sign” in the middle of the circle, you’ll think:

Mercedes Benz Logo

The symbol, the more it’s used, certainly increases the chance that someone will recognize that symbol. But, the key thing to note is: OVER TIME.

So, if you don’t have a symbol in your logo right away, that’s acceptable. As long as when you finally do add a symbol, it’s appropriate for your company and communicates what you’re trying to communicate – and doesn’t look over-designed in any way or too complicated.  The best symbols are simple.

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