Which Should Come First: Advertising or PR?

Let’s say you have a new company. It’s got all the elements of a good brand, but no one knows about it. What’s the best way to break into the market – advertising or PR?Advertising or PR?

If you answered PR, you’d be right.


  1. Because it’s new, you probably have a great story to tell about the brand. Why you created it, the benefit it provides, etc.
  2. PR is going to be more cost-effective than advertising, even in a smaller local markets. This can be a significant consideration for a start-up brand that may have a limited marketing budget.
  3. Advertising builds effectively over time, but it’s costly. So, unless you’ve got deep pockets, you’re not going to launch a new brand with extensive advertising. PR is going to be much cheaper and more effective with the initial brand launch.
  4. Another subtle benefit of PR is the implied endorsement of your brand from the media that runs a news story about it. This is very powerful and you just can’t buy that kind of influence.

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