Web Designers Do Marketing, Printers Do Marketing; It Seems Everyone Does Marketing

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Who really does marketing? Can "they" do it all?

I’m a bit annoyed that all the various companies involved in marketing say, a little too assertively, that they “do marketing.” If that sounds confusing well it’s understandable.

Marketing is such a broad term and encompasses such a multitude of services and skill sets that for most business people, someone saying they “do marketing” can be as confusing as a Chinese menu. “Marketing” is a term applied to high-level strategic planning and branding as well as getting trade show posters printed at Kinkos.

Add to this confusion the plethora of marketing, advertising and promotional tools available to promote your business, and the task of marketing your company in an effective manner can quickly become overwhelming

For example, here is a partial list of marketing and advertising tools available:

  • Advertising: TV, Radio, Cable, Magazines, Newspaper, Classified, Co-Op Advertising, Yellow Pages
  • Direct Marketing: Direct Mail, Telemarketing, Email Marketing, Newsletters
  • Marketing Communications: Brochures, Sales Sheets, Presentation Folders
  • Advertising Specialties: Promotional Items
  • Online Marketing: Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click, Website Development, Directories, Blogs, Banner Advertising
  • Public Relations: Press Releases, Articles, Event Marketing
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs

With such a variety of marketing avenues to take, it’s difficult for a client to decipher the most appropriate tools to use when promoting their business. Business owners often meet people who claim to do marketing, often proposing rudimentary, rather than a comprehensive marketing program, invariably tailored to their particular expertise.

For example, many advertising agencies will say they can develop a comprehensive marketing plan and strategy, but that’s not their area of expertise. And, without a doubt, advertising will be the cornerstone of their marketing recommendations, whether it’s the most effective tool to promote your specific business or not.

Marketing is not unlike seeking medical advice…

If you have a back problem and see orthopedic surgeon, she will recommend surgery because this is how she was trained to fix back problems. If you go to a chiropractor, he will conclude you’re out of alignment and suggest a regular regimen of adjustments. And a physical therapist will discern certain muscles weaker than others, causing an imbalance in your core and recommend strengthening and conditioning.

Marketing is not unlike seeking construction advice…

It’s the same process as if building a home. You’re not going to hire a plumber to design your house – you’re going to hire an architect. And the same goes for your marketing, don’t hire your public relations firm to produce a strategic marketing plan.

It’s not easy obtaining appropriate advice from a specialist in one profession, and the same is true with marketing.

It’s hard to get objective advice where there isn’t a self-serving interest.

What you really need is a marketing consultant who has the training and experience to develop an effective marketing program specific for your individual business goals and objectives.

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