TV Commercials Are Alive And Well

Commercials Are Back and Better than Ever!

Commercials are still an entertaining and effective marketing tool.

Amidst the hubbub of social media marketing venues like YouTube, Hulu, Twitter, Facebook and Google, there still exists in many a home, in many a room, a screen on the wall, or – gasp – an antiquated box in a cabinet, that projects programming for entertainment, education and informational purposes.

It’s called a television.

And to support such programming, there’s commercial advertising.

The rumors of the death of TV have been greatly exaggerated. And that constant interruption to your television enjoyment, commonly called commercials, is also very much alive and, in many cases, thriving.

I’m here to tell you TV commercials are not dead, and in fact there were several this year that discerning viewers like me (not to mention folks at AdWeek and Nielsen) found quite amusing and engaging.

Really good, creative commercial advertising will make you remember – and open those wallets and buy.

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