My Rules on Company Names

My rules about company names are simple and very straight-forward:

  • avoid generic sounding names
  • avoid initials or acronyms and
  • avoid names with too many words

That’s it. Pretty simple.

If you’re marketing a product or service that’s consumer oriented, it just makes sense to create a distinguishable brand name.

For example, I bought a computer router manufactured by a company called SMC Corporation. I had never really heard of this company, but my tech expert recommended it. From a branding perspective, and as a consumer, I was a bit concerned. I thought I should buy something made by a company with a name like NetGear or Cisco.

My router had to be replaced (a little too soon for my liking). Guess which brand of router I replaced it with? NetGear. I just don’t understand why a major technology company in such a competitive industry, would continue to use a name that is so nondescript.

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