Leveraging Public Relations

You Received Some Great PR, Now What? How to Make the Most of Your Public Relations

ripple-effect-1Image savvy businesses work very hard and sometimes pay a lot of money to get positive press. However, after you’ve a great story in the media, look for ways to leverage the coverage to maximize its benefit.

I love to sail and was once featured in the Profits & Passions section of the Westchester County Business Journal. It was a great opportunity to build awareness of my business through my hobby – but I didn’t let it stop there.

Start Spreading The News

I added a synopsis of the article to my email newsletter and sent it to everyone in my email database: friends, colleagues, clients, vendors.

You would be amazed at the conversations it sparked, and the connections that ensued. That’s just one way to leverage your press. Here are some other ideas to get the most out of your PR coverage:

  1. Create a sell-sheet to mail to your prospects and customers.
  2. Put a copy of your press coverage and any photos on your website.
  3. Refer to the story in your blogs and on social media sites. Put links to the story on your website.
  4. Create a “Media & Press” section in your website. Include links to newspapers, TV, or radio stations in your market or industry. Include photographs, videos and podcasts as well.

Recycle and Refresh!

Don’t be afraid to recycle your press coverage; the more your name is out there, the more apt it is to be fresh in the minds of prospective clients, vendors, and future employees.

The bottom line is, don’t let the public relations end with the story. Use it again and again in any number of ways to get the word out on your business, product, service or event. Click here to view PDF of Profits & Passion article.

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