Are Bad Reviews Always Bad for Business?

Are Bad Reviews Always Bad for Business?

Why would you want to read negative reviews of your product or business? New marketing research from Northwestern University’s Spiegel Research Center and Power Reviews found that a few bad reviews actually help boost sales.

While this may seem illogical, the reasoning behind it actually makes sense. Seeing a mix of positive reviews, mixed in with a few negative “real world” reviews make your business appear more legitimate and realistic. After all, nobody is perfect all the time and realistic reviews give customers more confidence in the honesty and integrity of your company.

Consumers Are Skeptical Of Only 5-Star Reviews

Many companies have been known to pad review sites with fake five-star reviews, so consumers are now skeptical when there are no less-than-stellar reviews. Today’s consumer realizes that experiences are subjective and one person’s bad review does not automatically turn them off.

How to Respond to Bad Reviews

That being said, a less-than-satisfied customer should always be addressed right away. Most review sites give the business the opportunity to respond to a negative review in a public forum. A negative review should be viewed as an opportunity to tell your side of the story and to demonstrate how your resolve a customer’s issue. Sometimes a negative review is a wake-up call to let you know where your business needs to improve. You should always thank the customer who took the time to post their feedback. A well-written, respectful res
to criticism can show potential customers that you are responsive and willing to go the extra mile in customer service. You may even be able to change the opinion of your reviewer by offering them a free sample or discount if they are willing to give you business another try.

Reviews are important and the more positive reviews you have, the more likely it is a new customer will feel comfortable taking a chance on your business. But, don’t be afraid of negative reviews, as customers will value these for their authenticity and you always have the opportunity to turn negative into a positive for your business.

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