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Your Marketing Toolbox: Internet Marketing

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Using Internet Marketing in your marketing strategy
Today internet marketing plays a central role in how customers learn about your business.

In this series, we break down different marketing tactics to help you determine which will best support your marketing strategy.

Suppose you wanted to purchase business accounting software. Your search would probably look something like this:

1. Go to a search engine and type "small business accounting software."

2. Scan the first page of search results.

3. Click on a link that looks promising, and then scan the website for features and pricing.

4. Bookmark it for comparison later, and look at a few more options.

5. Choose a product, buy it online with a credit card and download the software.

And you may have done it all without much consideration – before asking a friend for their opinion or driving to Staples to hear what a salesperson recommends.

Today people jump online for even the smallest purchase decisions, so internet marketing should be a regular part of your marketing activities. It's probably the most versatile medium out there, allowing businesses to provide information, build brands, capture leads, offer promotions and close sales.

In this post, we break down internet marketing by its most common components, and discuss how they'll fit into your marketing mix.

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