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For many businesses, marketing seems a jumble of important questions without readily available answers:

  • What are the best marketing tactics for my business?
  • How do we know we’re targeting the right customers?
  • How effective is our sales message in motivating customers to buy?
  • Is our sale message reaching customers in a cost effective way — or are we just wasting our money?

InSight Marketing will give you the right answers to these questions — and ensure you achieve the right results.

InSight Marketing is a marketing consulting company based in Westchester County, NY. We specialize in branding, marketing, advertising, PR, direct and online marketing. We combine a sharp, strategic focus with award-winning creative execution to ensure winning results for our clients’ marketing and promotional efforts.

InSight Marketing provides a full-range of marketing services that starts with the development of a strategic marketing plan, which charts the course for your company to compete successfully in the marketplace. We help communicate your company’s key benefits and position your company in the minds of your customers so there is a clear differentiation between your business and your competitors – allowing you stand out and win in the marketplace.

We then implement the recommendations of the marketing plan into an integrated marketing approach that utilizes advertising, public relations, website development, branding, direct marketing, and online marketing to ensure your business and marketing objectives are reached in the most effective and cost efficient way.

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What Clients Say About InSight Marketing:

“One of my first responsibilities since joining Gehtsoft was to retain a marketing firm that could provide a broad suite of marketing services with professional, high-quality, creative execution that was within our budget. InSight Marketing fit that bill on all accounts. What InSight Marketing brought to the table has been invaluable in the successful launch of our company’s first coordinated marketing effort.”
– Emmet Ryder, Director of Marketing, Gehtsoft Group

Marketing Insights from InSight Marketing

“Products are created in the factory. Brands are created in the mind.” – Walter Landor of branding agency Landor Associates

This week’s interesting media:

Here’s a commercial promoting William Shatner’s TV series Boston Legal. Very funny and not politically correct.

InSight News

March, 2014 –InSight Marketing Announces New Hire for Account Services 

InSight Marketing is proud to announce that Sharon Higgins has been added to InSight’s team of creative marketing professionals.

Sharon’s position as Account Service Manager will serve as liaison between clients and the agency’s management, creative, production, and research staff — ensuring the quick turnaround and personal service InSight Marketing is known for.

Sharon’s background encompasses 15+ years of marketing and advertising experience working at several top NYC advertising agencies in media planning, as well as advertising sales for Yankee magazine.   Read more about Sharon Higgins Hire

InSight Marketing Retained to Launch New Marketing Campaign for Top Financial Services Computer Programming Company

InSight Marketing has been retained to develop an integrated marketing campaign for Gehtsoft USA, LLC, a top financial services computer programming company located in Paramus, NJ.

The campaign InSight Marketing is developing represents the first major marketing effort by Gehtsoft to firmly establish themselves as a dominant force in high-level custom computer programming. The integrated campaign includes revamping Gehtsoft’s brand image, creating a new design and content for its website and developing a company brochure and other printed materials to support Gehtsoft’s direct sales effort. Read more…

Internet marketing guru, Jim Kukral, has written a new book: Internet Marketing for Business Answers

InSight Marketing’s President, Rocco Cipriano, is included as one of the book’s contributors. The book is being offered at a special launch price of just $.99, then the price goes up to $4.99. If you’d like to find out more about Jim Kukral’s new book, click on this link: Internet Marketing for Business Answers

You can also listen to an interview I did with Jim. Some of the topics we covered were:

  • What value does your brand bring to your business?
  • Does your brand need a tagline?
  • Understand the way your brand impacts your customers?
  • Okay, come clean: how many of you are really sure what the definition of a brand is?

InSight Marketing’s President Interviews Tony Parinello

Tony Parinello

Tony Parinello, the author of the best-selling book Selling To Vito, recently sat down with InSight Marketing’s President Rocco Cipriano for a great “fireside chat.”

Selling To Vito is a must read for anyone involved in sales directed towards the CEO, CFO or senior VP management at large firms. Tony’s entire business focus is helping salespeople “sell to VITO.”

Listen in to Rocky’s interview with Tony to hear what branding has meant to him — especially in building the very recognizable VITO brand — and hear what you can learn from a master.

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